HID Tapmark

Hid tapmark tag Tristar Americas RFID, NFC, Beacons

The TapMark™ family of slim RAIN® RFID UHF transponders is surface-mount to furniture, office equipment, even to thousands of IT assets within a complex datacenter.

Small, thin-profile TapMark transponders are available with a variety of mounting options – including zip-ties, industrial adhesives, magnets and screws – for affixing to any surface, including metal. Two types of high-bond stickers are available to affix the tag on even or uneven surfaces with excellent durability. A special antenna design allows the tag to be optionally affixed with a metallic screw right through the middle of the tag for optimal fit without affecting tag performance.

The Monza R6 chip provides 96 bit read/write EPC memory delivering read rates up to three times faster than previous generation tags. Further, the Monza R6 TagFocus™ feature improves read reliability, especially where large, dense populations of tags are present, while AutoTune™ retains optimal performance in changing environmental conditions.

With TapMark tags in place, datacenter and facilities managers can perform faster, more accurate inventories, easily locate individual components, and implement automated security routines. Hardware can be optimized throughout its lifecycle, and easily identified when maintenance or replacement is required.

HID Global TapMark tags may be ordered personalized with custom encoding, printed logos, Bar-/QR-code or text and alternative colors.

Hid tapmark tag Tristar Americas RFID, NFC, Beacons

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