Steelwing NXP G2XM

steelwing tag Tristar Americas RFID, NFC, Beacons

With up to 10 meter (32ft) read range on metal surfaces, UHF Class 1 Generation 2 compliant Confidex SteelWING has been designed to overcome the challenges of metal asset tagging. The key design targets; high performance, compact structure and cost-efficiency were achieved with SteelWING’s innovative patent pending design. The light-weight tag has adhesive background and it can be directly attached on metal surface – without any extra spacer material.

steelwing tag Tristar Americas RFID, NFC, Beacons

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Confidex Steelwing NXP datasheet

HID Tapmark                           

Confidex Survivor                  

HID Slimflex Tag UHF MINI 

HID Seal Tag Edtamper       

HID Poly Tag                            

Confidex Ironside:                 

Confidex Ironside Slim:        

Confidex Ironside Micro:     

HID Lintag UHF:                      

HID Inline tag ultra:               

HID High Temperature Label:

Confidex Halo Tag:                

HID Bin Tag:                             

HID Brick Tag:                          

Confidex Captura:                 

Confidex Casey:                     

HID Epoxy tag:                           

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