Brick Tag

Brick Tag

HID brick tag Tristar Americas RFID, NFC, Beacons

HID Global Brick Tag passive contactless transponders easily integrate into RFID applications requiring discreet placement of small, featherweight tags that deliver sustainable performance.

Brick Tag Ceramic units are optimized for placement on metal assets, such as tools, weaponry and surgical instrumentation. The hard shells encasing these tiny UHF transponders shield them from exposure to autoclave sterilization and demanding industrial environments. Their 512-bit memory is readable and writable from up to 3.3 ft (1 m).

The Brick Tag ABS Vigo™ transponder is among the smallest HF tags available. These units are assembled using patented DBond™ Vigo™ technology that enables HID Global to produce tags in thinner, smaller formats without compromising performance. The tags provide a full 64-bit UID and 1024-bit user memory, optionally usable for NFC applications.

The epoxy Brick Tag Nova and Brick Tag HDX low frequency transponders are only 0.12 in (3.0 mm) thick. The Nova tag’s 160-bit read-write memory is easily programmed to suit custom applications. The HDX version is read-only, and meets ISO 11784 and ISO 11785 standards. Both withstand extreme temperatures, and provide high water, chemical and shock resistance. Widely used in key fobs for automobile immobilizer theft prevention systems, these devices are also ideal for tool or cable inventory and tracking systems.

Key Features: 
  • Small footprints – Embeddable in space-restricted applications.
  • Exceptionally durability – Withstand physical stress, are dust tight, and resistant to water, chemicals, acids and temperature extremes.
  • Versatility – Available in LF, HF and UHF; may be customized to fit application requirements.
Brick tag specifications

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