HID High Temperature label

HID High Temperature Label

RFID high temperature Description

High Temperature Label UHF RFID tags can withstand exposure to high temperatures, flames, chemicals, pressure and torsion with uncompromised performance. Originally designed for the automotive industry, the tags help identify and track each vehicle both during assembly and throughout its life on the road. Lifetime traceability of auto parts and components enables more accurate and efficient records which can help automakers expedite service in the event of a recall.

High Temperature Labels deliver consistent, reliable readability, despite exposure to the extremes of industrial processing, including nearby welding operations, autoclaves, anti-corrosive electrolyte baths, and multiple cycles of paint layer application and drying ovens.

Resistance to extreme physical, mechanical and thermal environments makes this portfolio of tags ideal for all types of manufacturing, logistics and inventory control operations. They are especially useful for tracking both work-in-progress and finished goods for: industrial tools, medical trays, heavy equipment, car and aerospace components, cargo containers, and even blade and rack servers.

Key Features


  • High heat – endures up to 446° F (230° C)
  • Impermeable – repels fire, moisture, oils, petroleum and salt mist
  • Flexible – tolerates bending and torsion with uncompromised performance



RFID high temperature specification

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