Hid Slimflex Tag UHF mini

HID Slimflex Tristar Americas RFID, NFC, Beacons

SlimFlex tags are available in multiple configurations:

  • Standard SlimFlex Tag attach snugly to round or irregular surfaces, such as cylindrical containers, plastic pipes, helmets or even trees. These tags conform to surface contours, and can be securely attached with cable ties, industrial adhesives, rivets or screws.
  • Each SlimFlex Laundry Tag withstands chemical exposure and high temperature. This small, flexible white strip can be discreetly sewn into the hem of clothing unnoticeable to users during everyday operations. SlimFlex Laundry tags enable automated sorting, inventory and accounting for commercial cleaners. For tracking of commercial linen, we recommend the HID LinTag™
  • The SlimFlex Tag Washer has been designed with one reinforced hole to rivet it. This version is ideal whenever a SlimFlex tag shall be fixed with a single rivet to hang down from metal bars or be placed on a hook.

These tracking tags are compliant with HF/NFC or EPC global certified UHF Class 1 Gen 2 readers and modules, and broadband capable for worldwide operations.

The RFID tags are waterproof and the housing provides high resistance to aggressive liquids, delivering reliable performance and reading stability across fluctuating temperatures. Custom color options are available. Tags can be embossed with a logo or message for branding, or laser engraved for enhanced visual identification or barcode application.

Key Features

  • Flexibility – bends to mount securely on rounded or irregular surfaces.
  • High durability – resistant to outdoor elements, aggressive liquids, impact and torsion.
  • Enhanced reliability – precise, consistent read ranges when mounted to plastic or wood.
HID Slimflex Tristar Americas RFID, NFC, Beacons

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