Confidex Captura

Confidex Captura

RFID Captura Tag Description


Confidex Captura™ presents unprecedented level in both RAIN RFID tag security and usability. The tag comes with both mechanical and electrical seal functions and is extremely easy and fast to attach. When required, the Confidex Captura can be delivered as encoded and equipped with a barcode according to the project requirements. As there is no need for adhesives, screws or other fixing tools, it is simple to calculate the total cost of ownership for Confidex Captura. Just click, secure and tag your asset!

Confidex Captura provides reliable identification in 3 meter (9,8ft) wide RFID gates. It is designed to be fixed on metal structures and its intelligent patent pending design makes use of the tagged object to achieve the best possible read range.

Patent granted in EU and US (US.Pat. 8.794.531).

RFID Captura Tag Specifications

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