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is a small chip, or RFID tag, attached to some object that can be read at short range via radio waves by a tag reader. These items can be close together or far apart and are used for everything from credit cards, to inventory tracking to ticketing.


is basically an evolved RFID. Just as RFID it can be read at (really) short range via radio waves by a tag reader. Once it's activated by another chip, small amounts of data between the two devices can be transferred when held a few centimeters from each other.


repeatedly transmits a single signal that other devices can see. Instead of emitting visible light, though, it broadcasts a radio signal that is made up of a combination of letters and numbers transmitted. A Bluetooth-equipped device like a smartphone can “see” a beacon.

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Tristar Americas provides services in the area of RFID, NFC and Beacon, delivering throughout the American continent, products manufactured by Confidex, HID Global, Smartrac and other outstanding RFID suppliers. The company was established 10 years ago aiming to exceed the expectations of our Partners and Customers.